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Knowledge Base

See Q&A section for questions that are most frequently asked by SQLAPI++ users.

Online Documentation

The Online Documentation is the series of pages mirrors the information found in our product manuals.

Contact Technical Support

If some features are not available now, but you want to see them in SQLAPI++, please, suggest: newfeature@sqlapi.com

If the previous options don't solve your problem, you can send us email (generally, allow us one working day to reply):

  • support@sqlapi.com - any questions on SQLAPI++ Library
  • howto@sqlapi.com - suggestions/questions on using the Library, its features, code examples, technics and so on
  • bugs@sqlapi.com - for bugs reporting. When writing to this email, please, provide as much information as possible, especially:
    1) Detailed error description
    2) OS version (NT, 95/98, Linux an so on) where your program is executed
    3) SQLAPI++ version (see readme.txt in your installation root)
    4) DBMS client version (Oracle OCI8 and so on)
    5) DBMS server version (Oracle 8i, Adaptive Sybase Enterprise 11.5 and so on)
    6) source code that produces an error
    7) database file or data unload (export) file if possible
  • order@sqlapi.com - questions on ordering (licensing) or upgrading

Impotant announcements

sqlapi-announce mailing list hosted by FreeLists

Major news and very important changes in the project are announced here. This is a hidden list, which means that the members list is available only to the list administrator.

To subscribe to the mailing list enter your email address:

Last modified: 21 June 2011