SQL Server Guide

SQLAPI++ allows to work with a number of SQL database servers. It provides common mechanisms to access database, and as a general rule they work for any database server. But each server has some specific features which a developer has to know in order to leverage server's unique features and avoid potential errors.

Working with Microsoft SQL Server using SQLAPI++ library depends on choosing an API. SQLAPI++ library supports the following interfaces to access SQL Server:

Starting from version 4.0.3 SQLAPI++ library uses ODBC as default API for SQL Server. Please note that connection to SQL Server Compact Edition is possible with OLE DB API only. If for some reason you want to use OLE DB, you should set UseAPI connection option before specifying SQL Server client or connecting to database:

SAConnection con;
con.setOption(_TSA("UseAPI")) = _TSA("OLEDB");

For more connection details see SQL Server (ODBC) or SQL Server (OLEDB) specific information.